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Hello, my name is Helena and I am the founder of this project that I love so much and a true fan of this ancestral accessory.

Daughter of master cabinet maker, I grew up between the smell of wood, the love for traditional crafts and the respect for artisans.

For all this reasons and when for the first time they showed me how to pick my hair up with a hair stick, I was fascinated and it was at that moment when I decided to turn the typical wooden hair sticks into beautiful jewelry for hair. Being born thus PalosPelos.


Palospelos was born from the idea of give back to the current woman the use of this useful and beautiful ancestral accessory that the Roman women already used to make their precious hairstyles.

Go comfortable and well combed in a matter of seconds, with a beautiful handmade accessory that collects your hair quickly and easily in addition to decorating it! It is our purpose that our hair sticks become your best ally always carrying them with you in your bag to use when you need.

We travel to Bali with our designs to work directly with the artisans without any intermediary and in a close, and respectful fair trade relationship. Our artisans are part of our family and are the heart of our jewelry.The wood we use in a large percentage it is recycled and in no case are they protected or endemic species.

Our philosophy has always been respect for nature and the environment.

Our packaging is another reflection of our philosophy. The bags we use to store our jewelry are made with recycled saris that we buy in India. It is a way of not producing more waste and our small contribution to the health of the planet.