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PalosPelos is a young project born of interest in everything handmade, and artistic.

We work with the same family of artisans for more than 10 years without any intermediary, this has led us to establish a close friendship with them.

Our artisans are part of the family, and the heart of our hair jewelry. They work freely at their own pace and get a fair margin for their work.    


We produce our hair sticks since 2007 with recycled wood and unprotected species on the island of Bali in Indonesia, that is why we feel indebted to that land and have sought a local NGO to collaborate in the fight against Destruction of its rainforest that is one of the most affected on the planet, giving an donation of all the units sold online.

PePAL & Palospelos

The tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia occupy the islands of Sumatra, Borneo, Papua New Guinea, countless small islands and nearby archipelagos that contain a great biodiversity. They are also a key region for regulating the climate on Earth. These forests are being felled and burned to replace them with plantations for the production of palm oil and paper pulp.

Desforestación de Sumatra - PePAL & PalosPelos

But not only deforestation is a serious problem in Indonesia, the arrival of plastic in a society without culture or means is destroying the oceans and polluting the beaches at a fast pace.

PePAL (PEMUDA PECINTA ALAM) which means YOUTH LOVERS OF NATURE is an NGO that has been operating in Sumatra since 2007.

They are financed with their own resources and with volunteer programs.

Its work area is located in Singkil, Aceh province occupies part of the western coast of the island of Sumatra, as well as numerous islands such as the Banyak archipelago.

This NGO works to protect the area of ​​the swamps of Singkil where many orangutans fleeing the destruction of their homes have emigrated.

These are some of their programs:

- Replanting trees in the swamp area with native species.
- Cleaning the beaches on the many islands of the Banyak archipelago
- Raise awareness among the population living in this area about the importance of caring for the environment and the impact of plastic in the ocean.
- Teach to implement ecotourism measures.

PePal & PalosPelos